Out On Bay Street — Part 2: Naming Strategy and Exploration

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Colourphill developed three strategies in creating a new name for Out On Bay Street that will resonate with the OOBS community, but also work in both English and French. The key team members are: Irina, Creative Director; Ellen, Senior Writer; and Sylvie Dupuis — our long-time partner and an outstandingly gifted French translator.

This series of blog posts will share the branding processes to engage all the stakeholders committed to OOBS success — the Board and Executive, Organizing Committee, students and sponsors — so follow us on twitter and join the conversation with #OOBS10.

1. Keep the acronym and change a word or two to reflect a wider audience.
This approach will resonate with members or stakeholders that feel a deep attachment to the acronym and will respond to the minimal change.

Out on Business Street   OOBS

2. Create a name rooted in the existing name OR find an acronym with meaning.
This approach will resonate with members that will be inspired by something new while maintaining a connection to the OOBS’ history. Suggested ‘anchor’ words in this category are ‘OUT’, ‘BUSINESS’, ‘WORK’ or ‘NETWORK’. Changing ‘Bay Street’ to “Main Street’ will also give the name a wider appeal, both geographically and professionally.

Canadians Living Out   CLOUT

Out Network   ON

Out on Main Street   OOMS

3. Explore a different direction and suggest names that have meaning.
This approach will resonate those who feel that a new name and a new start will be appropriate. We found that the names with words such as ‘SPECTRUM’ or ‘AVENUE’ can have positive and subtle connotations.

Avenues for Diversity AD

Business Avenue Spectrum OAW

Networking in Canada NIC

The approaches and names will be presented at upcoming Board meeting and the feedback, suggestions and next steps will be shared in the upcoming blog post.

Stay tuned!

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