Out On Bay Street — Part 3: Final Name Selections

posted on April 20th 2016 in Branding with 0 Comments

This series of blog posts will share the branding processes to engage all the stakeholders committed to OOBS success — the Board and Executive, Organizing Committee, students and sponsors — so follow us on twitter and join the conversation with #OOBS10.

The OOBS Board has recently met and reviewed the proposed names. The wonderful Elias Chaccour, an OOBS Director, has prepared a list of objectives to help the Board members with their choice:

What name connects to Out On Bay Street’s strategic and re-branding objectives?

In developing the proposed names, we had the following 10 criteria in mind:

  1. connection to the strategic goals of the organization
  2. historical continuation
  3. emotional impact
  4. attractiveness of the name and acronym
  5. ease of pronunciation
  6. potential impact on students
  7. potential impact on sponsors
  8. French language appropriateness
  9. geographical expansion across Canada
  10. inspirational impact

Final Five

We are exited to share the top 5 names and their acronyms in alphabetical order:

Canadian Leaders Out (CLOUT)

Graduating Proud (GO)

Out Network (ON)

Proud Emerging Professionals (PEP) 

Start Proud (or alternatively Starting Proud)

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