Out On Bay Street — Part 4: Stakeholders’ Reactions

posted on May 31st 2016 in Case Studies with 0 Comments

This series of blog posts will share the branding processes to engage all the stakeholders committed to OOBS success — the Board and Executive, Organizing Committee, students and sponsors — so follow us on twitter and join the conversation with #OOBS10.

Over the past month, we have had a chance to gather feedback and reactions on the final selection of new names for the organization, and we are excited to share some of what we have learned with you.

It was interesting to learn that the sponsors are partial to “Proud Emerging Professionals”, while students from various programs felt “professionals” was too open to either a narrow or broad interpretation. Start Proud, Canadian Leaders Out (CLOUT) and Out Network were among the favorites, but the latter two will not have an easy french translation.

One of the major points of discussion during this process was the choice between the words “Out” and “Proud”. What has become clear to our team is that the overwhelming proportion of all groups that like inclusive nature of the word “Proud”. In addition, “Proud” can easily be translated into french while “Out” cannot.

In French, Pride/Fierté (Proud/Fier) is also instantly recognizable and associated with LGBT in Canada and around the world, and has the same positive meaning in both languages. As we continue, we will explore both the option of a direct translation, as well as unique French names that could convey a similar meaning.

We’re getting close to a final name but what do you think? Drop us a line and have your voice heard!  Join the conversation on Twitter with #OOBS10

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