Out On Bay Street: The New Brand Reveal

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Colourphill’s rebrand of Out on Bay Street was revealed during the Gala Dinner on the last day of the organization’s 10th annual conference. The reveal came at the close of a retrospective video that documented Out on Bay Street’s growth – to mark this milestone year and to move the organization forward.

Why rebrand?

In the words of Justin LoPresti, Chair of the Board of Directors:

We needed a refreshed name, one that was connected to the mission and strategic goals of our organization, one that was both location and industry agnostic and also easily translated into French, one that is inspiring and relevant to our core stakeholder groups of students and sponsors, and yet one that preserves some element of our history and the impact we’ve had over the years.

As you can see, Colourphill was challenged to meet many objectives! Over a six-month period, we worked with an exceptional team of OOBS volunteer directors and executives to create a revitalized brand that we are collectively proud of. Learn more about this incredible organization and the new brand by checking out the video below:

The Branding Team

The rebranding process pulled together a creative team with various expertise and experience.

  • Irina Khvalova – creative direction and project management. Irina leveraged decades of branding experience to develop a strategy, creative brief, and process. Once those were established, she oversaw every detail from concept to design to application.
  • Ellen Rumsey – writing and design consultation. Based on the creative brief, Ellen employed her wordsmithing skills to develop the long list of possible new names for the organization. As the list shortened, she consulted with Irina and Sylvie to hone the options to work in both English and French.
  • Margaret Lam – research and analysis. Margaret made sure that the proposed strategy will resonate with the intended audience(s). She developed a user research strategy appropriate for the capacity of the volunteer-based organization, and analyzed the findings to develop the creative brief.
  • Sylvie Dupuis – translation. Sylvie is a French translator extraordinaire who does much more than simply pick the right words. In our process, she anticipated possible cultural perceptions of translated options, and helped us develop a francophone-friendly name.

Results of early explorations of colour and typography.


The New Brand

After several rounds of suggestions, “Start Proud” emerged as the name that best encompassed the nature of the organization. We then worked through a number of rounds of visual identity development to emerge with two final options:

  • a direction loosely based on the existing OOBS octagon logo that incorporated elements of diplomas, financial papers and legal documents (as most student go to finance or legal careers) in swirled colours to represent shifting sexual identities; and
  • a direction that incorporated a step-like approach symbolizing a step up, a lift, a journey – with the organization serving as the catalyst for change.

Visual explorations of the swirl concept.



Visual exploration of swirl concept, with naming and typographic treatment.


Although both options resonated with the Board, the second option was chosen because the steps were simple and worked well with the large (and every-growing) library of photography.


Final creative for the Start Proud visual rebranding.

The Colourphill team spent many hours consulting with the Board and community stakeholders and guiding them through the process of evolving to the revitalized brand. We appreciated the opportunity to support and guide a worthy cause, and to work with a group of receptive individuals whose commitment and passion inspired us.

A special thanks to Elias Chaccour, Albert Lam and Justin LoPresti for their input, perseverance and receptiveness throughout the process.

So what does it mean to Start Proud?

Whether you are starting your post-graduate studies, a new career or a profession, an entrepreneurial venture, a new initiative in your local community – or starting a new ‘you’ in terms of how you identify and brand yourself – remember to start PROUD.

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