Amine El

As our Business & Systems Architect, Amine Dreams About Scalability. He is responsible for gathering the business and technical requirements
from our clients, and crafting custom software solutions to meet those needs. He works closely with the creative team, as well as manages the on-going support, operations and security needs of our clients’ digital properties.

His ability to explain a myriad of technical solutions in simplified terms, articulate the long-term cost benefits, and ease those conversations with humour has made Amine a client favourite. He leverages his extensive experience in the Financial Tech sector to produce exceptional insight into our clients’  business needs, and maximize the value of their technical resources.

Amine has been instrumental in the success of some of our most ambitious technical projects – including BeMused Network, an online SaaS platform with a growing suite of business tools specifically created for the performing arts sector.

  • My Skills - Database Design, Micro Services, Translating Business Needs into Tech Solutions
  • My Equipment - Microsoft, Blackberry, Open Source
  • My Likes - Late Nights, Dark Rooms
  • My Dislikes - Interrupting his Flow
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