Margaret Lam

Margaret provides digital strategy and project management for all our clients. As our Senior Producer, Margaret sports multiple hats and her facilitation skills ensure that we stay on target and on time.

Margaret has been a graphic and digital designer, producer, and project manager with Colourphill for over ten years. She specializes in insight gathering, user-centered design practices, client relations and project management. She is well versed in the development and implementation of digital properties, social media and content strategies.

Margaret has a Master of Information Studies degree from the University of Toronto, with a specialization in community informatics and knowledge media design. She has been the strategic lead for the BeMused Network, PepsiCo Canada, and the Sneak Peek Orchestra (SPO). She is also responsible for content strategy across various media and platforms for many of our not-for-profit clients.

  • My Skills - Project Management, Digital Strategy, Production Design, Research
  • My Equipment - Mac Pro, Surface Pro 3, Sticky Notes
  • My Likes - Simple Solutions to Complex Problems, Learning, Sharing
  • My Dislikes - Not much.
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