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Visual Language for HQO’s Quality Standards Program

developed for Health Quality Ontario

Health Quality Ontario is the provincial advisor on the quality of health care. The agency is mandated to advise government and health care providers on the evidence to support high-quality care, to support improvements in quality, and to monitor and report to the public on the quality of health care in Ontario.


Health Quality Ontario launched the Quality Standards program in 2016, to outline what quality care looks like for clinicians and patients. Quality standards aim to help:

  • Patients, residents, families and caregivers know what to discuss about their care with their health care professionals;
  • Health care professionals offer the highest quality care based on the best available evidence;
  • Health care organizations and professionals measure, reflect on their practice of and improve the quality of their care; and
  • Health system planners create the environment for health care professionals and organizations to deliver quality care.

The Scope

Colourphill was tasked with developing the Quality Standards graphic approach, the visual language for the program, and the templates for the guides in both English and French. We were also asked to produce the clinical and patient reference guides for the first three mental- health subjects (symptoms of dementia, major depression and schizophrenia). The finished guides were to be supplied as print copies and as accessible, web-friendly PDFs.

Compliance with requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was paramount. All formats produced would have to meet provincial accessibility standards for print and web (WCAG 2.0, Level AA).

We developed a simple, elegant and restrained solution for the graphic approach, the visual language and both guides.

Going Forward

Upon conclusion of the project, it was our hope to further expand and explore the system we developed. A few months after we delivered the physician and patient guides, we were given that opportunity – to design the now completed implementation kit guides for physicians to that accompany each Quality Standard.

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  • Client - Health Quality Ontario
  • Date Completed - 2017