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developed for Multiple clients

A heartbeat – the length of time the audience has to connect with a brand. It’s the time a strong identity can set brand’s presence.

START PROUD Formerly known as Out On Bay Street, this volunteer-run non-profit provides resources and opportunities for LGBTQA students, young professionals and organizations across Canada. In the words of Justin LoPresti, Chair of the Board of Directors: “We needed a refreshed name, one that was connected to the mission and strategic goals of our organization, one that is inspiring and relevant to our core stakeholder groups, and yet one that preserves some element of our history and the impact we’ve had over the years.” Read more about the rebranding process on our blog.


MICROCOACH offers a ‘modular’ training system that can be used by coaches at various stages of their development. By combining online technology and the company’s own unique training methodology, MicroCoach can offer personalized, tailored, on-demand content. “Online, On Target, On Demand” was chosen as the company’s slogan. We created a typographic wordmark system that mirrored MicroCoach’s approach to training – it can be simple, or it can be layered for a more involved look. We designed the wordmark to be ‘organic’ so it can grow with the company as MicroCoach develops training for other youth sports organizations.


BEMUSED NETWORK is an online social enterprise connecting general audiences with the local performing arts community. It offers quick and easy access to live performances around the city and a way to engage with performing arts. We created a fun and friendly logo that suggests both a venue ticket and the idea of bringing together, or bridging, interested entities.


TRADITIONAL WOOD WORKS is a thirty-year-old company with unique wood restoration services that bridge art and craft. The company wanted to refresh its brand and add to its already impressive client list. We designed a new wordmark using a font that evokes an “art as craft” feeling, and proposed the emotive tagline: Magic. It’s not what you see; it’s what you don’t.


AMBERESQUE  is the company name for a jewellery artist who creates with amber. The identity would not have been complete without a preserved ancient insect, encased in amber (Earth’s oldest bug trap) – and frozen in time.


ALOEADE was the name created for this unique line of aloe-based drinks that focus group respondents likened to lemonade in appearance. Colourphill was asked to develop a brand name, logo and label for three flavours, positioning the product as a great tasting, easy-to drink digestive aid. The serif typeface was set in lower case to create a feeling of healthy accessibility.


Ô-PURE is the name of these gentle, alcohol-free, cotton cleansing cloths, imported from France and ideal for makeup removal. We chose a clean, san serif and a clear sky blue for the wordmark to evoke strength and gentle cleansing and ideal for all skin types.


SNEAK PEEK ORCHESTRA is an invitation to take a ‘sneak peek’ into an exciting new generation of classical performers, composers, and conductors raises the profile of this unique ensemble of young musicians, deeply committed to celebrating one of our oldest musical traditions: the symphony hall. Colourphill developed a logo based on the “eye” and treated it graphically to also suggest concert seating and sound waves.


PRADERA  is a line of premium organic steaks. “Pradera” means grasslands in Spanish and suggests a natural, wholesome, eco-friendly approach to raising premium beef. We chose red for the bovine figure because the red can be an appetite stimulant and gets noticed! The scripted font adds a unique touch that suggests Pradera is a very different product experience.


INSIGHTS GROUP asks and helps clients answer questions such as, “How do you lead change when people are resistant?” Insights Group helps clients create great workplaces because they intuitively understand their clients’ unique culture, goals and barriers. When they came to Colourphill, the company already had an identity with a long history and brand recognition. Our challenge was to preserve that heritage and refresh the logo by combining the question/answer semantics.


OATGRAIN is a line of ready-to-eat cereal that was launched with two initial products that were quite different in texture and ingredients. Rather than developing two brands, Colourphill positioned the two products as varieties under the same umbrella company. The OATGRAIN circle is common to both but changes colour to differentiate the variety; the typography was chosen for its ‘blending’ quality, tying one flavour to the next.


WHOLESTEIN’S suggests both dairy and wholesome ingredients – perfect for this new line of all-natural, spreadable cheese products. The font chosen for the wordmark is reminiscent of old-world woodcarving and a time when artisanal products like cheese were handcrafted and of high quality.


AURA is a liquid dishwashing detergent formulated with vitamin E to protect and soothe hands. Colourphill designed a logo that conveys “clean and fresh” through colour choice and typography. The layered bubbles suggest deep cleaning and yet a soft gentleness.


BELLARINES is a line of luxurious, high-fashion leggings and hosiery, named after the beautiful owner, Irina. The ropelike font used in the wordmark echoes the flexibility and textured quality of the products sold. Not only is pink is a favourite of the owner, but it supports the image of femininity and strength of the targeted clientele. 


MUSIN’ is an online portal to the world of musical learning – it is a collective that engages in research and design initiatives related to the transmission and preservation of musical knowledge. Built using a tangram, the identity symbolizes endless possibilities in individual learning experiences.


SILVER SEA is a line of hand-cut, breaded, wild hake fillets. Wild hake is a light, flaky whitefish, relatively unknown in the Canadian market. Colourphill designed a strong, fresh wordmark in which the light house beams suggest costal fishing grounds, a welcoming beacon and a comfort feeling of “coming home”.


CHEF WRAP is a premium-quality, extra-strong aluminum foil engineered specifically for high-temperature BBQ applications. The logo and package we designed was simple and straightforward – and spot on for the client’s lower price point. Fancy some salmon grilled in foil with oriental sauce? Contact Irina – she’s personally tried all the recipes developed by the client!


FACE-TO-FACE is an icon we developed exclusively for Colourphill. These days, a lot of our communicating is done via telephone and email, even though we know that creative collaboration between client and designer flourishes best face-to-face. This symbol was developed to help us to rekindle that fine art of tête-à-tête – to exchange ideas through real two-way conversation – and recall the romance that started it all. Used on Colourphill’s invitations, T-shirts, cup cakes, napkins, etc.


NORTHLAND POWER 25th ANNIVERSARY is something to celebrate, indeed! Northland Power Inc. (NPI) is one of Canada’s oldest income trust funds. Northland Power develops, builds, owns and operates clean and green power generation projects in Canada and overseas. NPI’s 25th Anniversary marketing initiative was based on a theme of ‘Intelligent Energy for a Greener Planet.’ The ‘25’ was built from lines signifying main power sources: natural gas and renewable resources such as wind, solar and biomass.

  • Client - Multiple clients
  • Skills/Tools Used - Naming, Branding, Typography, Illustration