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Merrill Matthews Branding

developed for Merrill Matthews

Merrill Matthews is a communications and change leader. She runs a successful PR consultancy and recently launched another business helping people sell their knowledge through content marketing and online PR.

What attracted us to this project was Merrill’s tagline ‘Freedompreneur’. How can one refuse to work with a ‘Freedompreneur’? Merrill hails from East Coast and has an effervescent personality, which made creating a brand so much easier.

Objectives for the project

The objectives of the project were to create a personal brand and web-based platform for Merrill to launch this business. We needed to create a flexible brand for Merrill as there are other elements of this evolving brand coming up: online courses, a YouTube channel, a book and live events. In addition, Merrill is building a social media presence, so she has a lot of assets to design and maintain. The brand needs to be particularly strong as purchases for this business are made online through the website.


Merrill is targeting four main audiences:

  • Entrepreneurs looking for a practical advice on marketing and media to build their businesses and increase their revenue;
  • Professionals who want to become recognized experts and thought-leaders;
  • Organizations looking to teach their employees how to navigate the digital marketing landscape; and
  • Retired executives exploring second career options.


When we started, Merrill had already invested into photography and had some wonderful portraits taken by Toronto photographer Donna Santos. As the website was branded under her personal name (merrillmatthews.com), we made a decision to use these photos. We then added some elements that were ‘branding basics’ — fonts, colours and, to complement the photography, a set of illustrative icons.

The colours were an extension to her original corporate brand, with orange as the base colour and other bold colours added as accents to reflect a fun and positive attitude, as well as a warm grey to bring professionalism to the brand. Illustrations were added to give a fresh look to Merrill’s brand so it stands out in a competitive consulting and training market.


Merrill launched her website in January 2017 to very positive reviews and feedback. She is conducting her first online course and is successfully growing her client list based on customer interaction with the website, videos and social media – all reflecting her brand.

  • Client - Merrill Matthews
  • Date Completed - January 2017
  • Skills/Tools Used - Branding, website design and development, responsive design
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