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MROO Branding

developed for Municipal Retirees Organization Ontario

A meticulous process for a visual rebranding is rewarded.

The Municipal Retirees Organization Ontario (MROO) asked Colourphill to rebrand the organization with a strong voice that retained a friendly, grassroots feeling.


APPLYING A PROVEN METHODOLOGY: Our approach divided the project into four stages (project brief, creative development, production design and management), which allowed for a measured roll out of the new brand. In the project brief, we learned that, as part of a larger initiative to grow membership, the new visual brand and its implementation had to appeal to MROO members as well as to governments, professional organizations and the media, and achieve a balance between formal and informal. We also learned that an identity guideline was in order because many hands would be using the new identity.

We proposed three creative directions. Each logo concept was presented with a written rationale and presentation boards that showed the logo on several applications (business card, newsletter and website comprehensive). Can you tell we like to be thorough?

Once MROO had chosen the logo direction, it was finalized and populated onto print and digital templates for newsletters, sales brochures and MROO’s annual report. We finalized the architecture and creative direction for the website and completed identity standards guidelines to ensure every opportunity for consistent use of the visual brand.

Video Production

The following video was also developed to help Municipal Retirees Organization Ontario grow their membership base.

The Board of Directors asked Colourphill to help MROO’s presenters, all of them volunteers, tell potential members a compelling story, explaining how MROO protects the pensions and enhances the quality of life of all OMERS pensioners.

Having recently helped the organization through a rebranding process, we were intimately familiar with the brand and saw an opportunity to extend the brand into a visual story. Rather than using actors or interviewing existing members, we decided that a story of ‘growth’ can be conveyed by using recently implemented trillium logo. The new logo, which consisted of dots, was animated into various shapes — from a map to flowers and butterflies; trees and birds; sunshine and clouds. Each segment told a story in an friendly, entertaining and illustrative way.


“Colourphill’s response to MROO’s RFP demonstrated a clear understanding of what MROO wanted and needed, with clear scheduling and pricing for deliverables. … Once work got underway, Colourphill listened carefully, explained its thought process thoroughly, made amendments as needed, and finalized the design. The new logo is a fresher, more modern version of MROO’s old one, and the colour scheme includes the original palette with energetic additions. … I appreciate Colourphill’s professionalism, flexibility, creativity and – perhaps most importantly – its ability to ‘read’ a client and work efficiently and effectively to meet its particular needs.” Marcia McDougall, President, Integreat Marketing, MROO Project Lead

“…the new MROO colours and graphic templates have been a big success…we received lots of praise from people in other organizations that we deal with. We remain very pleased – even proud – of the new look and the status it seems to convey.” Bill Winegard, Executive Director

  • Client - Municipal Retirees Organization Ontario