NPI Interactive Map

developed for, Northland Power Inc.

An interactive digital experience to engage users.

Northland Power Inc. (NPI) is one of Canada’s oldest income trust funds. NPI develops, builds, owns and operates clean and green power generation projects in Canada and overseas. At the heart of this web-based map application is a story of loyalty, design synergy and brand management continuity.

LOYALTY CREATES CONSISTENT MESSAGING: Colourphill has partnered creatively with to produce NPI communications for more than a decade. This collaboration has produced some of our most beautiful, targeted and effective print and digital work. By providing creative services, Colourphill has enabled concentrate on its core competency: turning power companies into household names.

NPI’s 25th Anniversary marketing initiative was based on a theme of ‘Intelligent Energy for a Greener Planet.’

The interactive map was developed as a part of the anniversary shareholder presentation. A viewer can interact with the application to see:

  • which facilities produce electricity from natural gas or renewable resources such as wind, solar and biomass;
  • the stage of development for each facility; and
  • the geographical location for each facility.

This video shows highlights of the interactive map.

  • Client -, Northland Power Inc.
  • Skills/Tools Used - Creative development for web-based application, icon development and illustration, development production