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Out On Bay Street

developed for Out On Bay Street

Outreach through brand expansion.

As the exclusive design sponsor for Out On Bay Street, we believe in the power of design to strengthen outreach in local communities.

Out On Bay Street (OOBS) provides resources and opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and ally (LGBTQA) students, young professionals and pro-LGBTQA organizations across Canada. Founded in 2007, OOBS now operates at a national level all year long to promote change and openness in the community at large.

Looking to strengthen outreach in local communities through the organization’s annual conference, OOBS approached Colourphill for help. The organization needed a sponsorship package brochure to inform and attract conference sponsors, a conference brochure for participants, and a program for the “Leaders to Be Proud of Awards” gala.

EXPANDING THE BRAND: When we met with OOBS committee members at the start of this project, we were instantly drawn to their vision, passion and professionalism.

We also realized that the OOBS logo – a hexagon comprised of triangles in shades of blue – lacked the vibrancy and energy of the committee members we had met. But because the logo is well recognized and has represented OOBS since the beginning, we suggested using the logo as the foundation upon which to develop a sub-brand that would add colours and photography to more reflect the energy and diversity of the organization.

PATIENCE AND PERSISTENCE: The most challenging part of the design was the cover for the sponsorship package brochure. We created a base pattern that could be used in its entirety or in parts. It took five iterations to configure a well-balanced and engaging layout for the cover that captured the essence of OOBS, its members and the activities at the annual conference. That hexagonal base pattern became a recurring theme throughout the sponsorship and conference brochures.

We were also asked to design the program for the “Leaders To Be Proud Of Awards” conference gala. The gala celebrates the LGBTQA community’s most influential change-makers at the professional level (the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient was The Honorable Kathleen Wynne, the Premier of Ontario). Our goal was to design an original and memorable program – something that the award recipients would keep as a memento of the event. We started with an exploration of the dieline and folding possibilities, a process that took patience and persistence to get just right. Our perseverance did not go unnoticed by recipients and attendees – we received very positive feedback about the program’s unique design.

SEALING THE DEAL: Colourphill designed a mini identity manual to provided OOBS’s designers and developers with a clear syllabus of the sub-brand – to apply or adapt to the website and other materials developed in-house for the conference.

  • Client - Out On Bay Street
  • Date Completed - September 2015
  • Skills/Tools Used - Sub-brand Design and Implementation, Content Development, Creative and Design for Interactive PDF, Identity Manual