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developed for uhlig.ca, Waddingtons.ca

Designing for a rich and rewarding user experience.

The Waddingtons.ca story is about creative direction and designing for rich and intuitive web experience.

Waddingtons is a Canadian auction house, located in Toronto. Our long-time strategic partner, uhlig.ca, was helping the company through a rebranding process that touched on all aspects of the company – from wordmark to new headquarters signage. Poised to compete with leading auction houses, Waddingtons also wanted to develop a new online auction platform geared to attract downtown professionals. uhlig.ca turned to Colourphill for input and creative direction for their new website.

Our task was to give creative direction for the design of a website that would allow visitors to quickly find information or their area of interest and engage them with rich and detailed content. The site also had to be scalable as the company planned to extend its services in the future.

BACK TO OUR DESIGN ROOTS: In addition to offering a comprehensive list of services, Waddingtons streamlines it specialties into departments ranging from Asian art to Jewellery collections. Colourphill designed a system of colours and icons for the nine original departments that served as a backbone of the site at its inception. A real treat to design a true visual system!

We also developed the top-level architecture for the website – to create the most optimal user experience in a clean and logical manner. This detailed creative exploration showed the Waddingtons client a clear direction which translated to the final site.

To see how our creative direction was brought to life, please visit Waddingtons.ca site.

  • Client - uhlig.ca, Waddingtons.ca